Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Scott Report 1

The Scott Report Issue 1

Today in the USA on the political front some GOP governors are having fun and getting along in there new jobs while eagerly waiting for the 2016 race for president. Meanwhile for democrats Hillary Clinton still looks like the looming nominee.

In music news Simon Cowell is collaborating with Ricky Martin to find the next Latin One Direction. Tiara Thompson's acoustic version of How It Is has premiered. And finally in music news Scarlett Johansson has recruited Este Haim to help with her next pop track.

Today in the wired and wireless world of technology the city of Boston, Massachusetts has partnered with Waze to help clear up clogged streets. While Epic Games is giving away five million dollars to Unreal Four engine developers.

On the world front today a skyscraper in Dubai caught fire rather quickly do the wind with the cause unknown. The Greek Prime Minister has issued a warning today of very real difficulties as the Monday deadline looms. Yemen's former leader has fled the capital where he has been under house arrest. And finally Russians continue to rally in protest against the Ukraine government coup.